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About The Research

This book is a combination of science, academic research, and 40+ years of practitioner experience in companies and universities from over 50 countries. You will find facts, results of relevant research projects, and humor. We will provide insights from our personal experiences to illustrate various points. We are committed to stopping the madness of choosing incorrect leaders. 

Studies Conducted

The book was constructed based on insights from researchers, the practical experience of more than 40 years in working business, and the insights gained from three dedicated research studies in this area.

Study one 

Qualitative case study of several companies in which different leaders at each company were interviewed.

Study two

Quantitative global study reaching nearly 600 participants.

Study three

 Qualitative interview-based study of more than 50 CEOs across the world.

About The Leadership Blueprint

This is a book predicated on a conceptual framework called the Leadership Blueprint, a highly effective tool for understanding and determining leadership potential, and one that is adaptable to various organizational levels and jobs. It consists of three categories that must be considered when determining potential: Foundation, Growth, and Career.


These categories are broken down into four key characteristics: intelligence, motivation, personality, and learning agility.


Intelligence is considered to be a fixed, unchangeable entity through the course of an individual’s life. Work and business only become more complex as people ascend in organizations, so it is essential to be honest and accurate regarding the intelligence level of potential leaders.


It is not the job of someone else to motivate an individual and in most cases, if it happens, external motivation is difficult and short-term. Selecting people who bring their own engine is a differential in predicting who will be a successful leader.


Like intelligence, personality is largely fixed. While there is no single ideal personality that makes a great leader, there are specific derailing traits or attributes that prevent people from being a strong leader. 

Learning Agility

Those who continuously add to their knowledge and skill sets, respond to, or can predict changes in the environment, and can assimilate new information quickly, have a high learning agility that will make them stronger leaders in the long-term.

About The CEO Study

This study is a robust look into how CEOs think and act relating to determining leadership potential (DLP).​ The study conducted with 51 CEOs from various industries and levels of organization size and maturity during the end of 2020 and 2021. Contributing CEOs come from organizations such as: 

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