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About The Authors

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Dr. Kimberly Janson

Kim Janson is the President and CEO of Janson Associates, a firm dedicated to “unleashing people’s potential globally”. Her global firm assists executives, teams, and organizations in a variety of ways including executive coaching, strategic planning, large- or small-scale change efforts, M&A work, cultural transformation, embedding talent systems, driving higher levels of business performance, leadership and management program development/delivery, and many other ways.

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Dr. Melody Rawlings

Melody Rawlings serves as Northcentral University’s Director of the Center for the Advancement of Virtual Organizations (CAVO), a global hub for development and support of virtual organizations and teams. She is also lead faculty for the Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership. In addition to teaching graduate courses, she serves as chair of doctoral committees. Through collaboration with subject matter experts and using coaching and mentoring skills, she helps doctoral students in the school of business achieve their academic goals of earning a PhD.

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Dani Monroe

Dani Monroe is the CEO of CenterFocus International and Founder of MV CDO Summit.


Dani co-authored chapter 2 of Determining Leadership Potential on bias. 

Have questions for Dani? Email her at

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