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Check out our blog and published articles to learn more about the concept and research of Determining Leadership Potential. 



What is "Determining Leadership Potential"?

Learn how the co-author, Dr. Kimberly Janson defines the term: Determining Leadership Potential.

Job Interview


Bias in Determining Leadership Potential

Learn how bias can play a detrimental role in the process of determining leadership potential.


CEO Weekly

Dr. Janson of Janson Associates Shares What Top Leaders Need to Know About Talent Development

Group Of Business People Sitting Around Table

American Weekly

Dr. Kimberly Janson’s New Book, Determining Leadership Potential, Providing Solutions For A Global Leadership Crisis

Team Meeting

Boston Tribune

Kimberly Janson, Janson Associates — Personality, Just One Of 4 Differentiators in Talent Management

Giving a Presentation

Economic Journal

Creating A Culture Of High-Performers – Dr. Kimberly Janson Coaches Leaders On The How-To Of Effectively Nurturing And Rewarding Employee Motivation

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