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Chapter 8 Quiz

Chapter 8 Summary of Key Points – Test Your Recall!

Fill in the blanks below to reinforce learning of the information presented in chapter 8. Motivation is the (a)____________ and ____________ to move ourselves for our own reasons with great ______________ and ________________. It is a (b)_________________ to the desire to be one’s best ____________. According to Herzberg’s (1959) Two-Factor Theory, there are two groups of factors that determine an individual’s satisfaction or dissatisfaction. When the work itself carries the value for you, such as achievement, recognition, variety, and creativity, that is (c)__________________motivation. When the work is a means to a result, and the result is what holds value, that is (d)____________________ motivation. People who are (e)_______________ motivated will work tirelessly to keep improving and ________________. High (f)_______________________ is a clear indication of leadership potential. Motivation was universally the most (g)________________ factor of the four dimensions of intelligence, motivation, personality, and learning agility, across the CEO participants in the authors’ study. One of the most confusing elements about motivation in employees is the volumes of literature relating to the manager being responsible for “motivating their employees.” Managers and leaders do not (h) _______________ employees. Managers and leaders should focus on (i)________________, coaching, being a champion, __________________, and overall, ______________ employees to be their best _______________. Motivation was assessed by CEOs in a variety of ways with (j)____________________ being the top choice. There is not a reliable psychometric (k)_______________that shows true motivational levels. Some show what motivates people but not how motivated they are, except for the ________________ Assessment by Hogan & Hogan.

Answer Key for Chapter 8 Summary

(a) will, drive, energy, passion

(b) commitment, self

(c) intrinsic

(d) extrinsic

(e) intrinsically

(f) motivation

(g) important

(h) motivate

(i) enabling, celebrating, encouraging, self

(j) observation

(k) instrument, values

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