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Intelligence Interview Questions

Interview questions to assess intelligence

Use these interview questions to help determine an applicant's intelligence.

  1. How do you think about growing a function or an organization? What are your levers?

  2. In 5 minutes, pls explain something complicated that you know well.

  3. Who is the smartest person you know? Why?

  4. Tell me about how you have converted insights and data to business intelligence and action.

  5. Which challenges are you looking forward to solving with our organization?

  6. Have you taken any courses that have enhanced your cognitive skills?

  7. How do your cognitive skills make you the best fit for this open role?

  8. What is your greatest achievement career-wise, and how did your cognitive skills help you accomplish it?

  9. What has been your most rewarding work-related project? Why?

  10. What has been your least rewarding work-related project? Why?

  11. Describe your experience and milestones in your career so far.

  12. Whom have you interviewed with thus far and what have you learned about the job and the people?

  13. What do you recall from the first round of interviews with our organization?

  14. Which work event is the most memorable to you? Describe the event.

  15. Describe a time when you had to incorporate feedback into your work process using cognitive skills.

  16. What have you learned about our organization?

  17. What would you improve about our organization?

  18. Which three words would you use to describe your cognitive skills?

  19. How would you adapt to change using cognitive skills in the workplace?

  20. How would you learn how to use new technology in this role?

  21. Which skills do you use to cope with stressful situations?

  22. Which cognitive skills do you use to meet deadlines?

  23. How did you get accustomed to your previous role?

  24. How well do you work with team members who have different cognitive backgrounds?

  25. What are your best cognitive skills?

  26. What are your worst cognitive skills, and how are you improving them?

  27. How would your manager rate your critical thinking skills?

  28. How would you rate your problem-solving skills?

  29. How would your manager rate your ability to follow instructions?

  30. How would you rate your numerical reasoning skills?

  31. How would your manager rate your interpersonal skills?

  32. How would you rate your math skills?

  33. How would your manager rate your analytical skills?

  34. How would you rate your interpersonal skills?

  35. How would your manager rate your attention to detail?

  36. Which rating would you give your reading comprehension skills?

  37. Which soft skills do you use alongside cognitive skills to complete complex projects?

  38. Describe a situation where you used cognitive skills to consider all angles of a complex problem.

  39. Have you ever made an error or missed a deadline at work? Describe how you corrected the error using cognitive skills and critical thinking.

  40. Describe a time when you led an initiative or innovative idea.

  41. How would you describe your reading habits?

  42. How do you learn best?

  43. What techniques do you use to remember things?

  44. How would you describe your logic and reasoning skills?

  45. What do you do to help you pay attention?

  46. When was the last time you had to think on your feet to solve a problem?

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