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Motivation Interview Questions

Motivation Interview Questions

Use these interview questions to help determine an applicant's motivation.

  1. Tell me about a time in which you were tremendously successful.

  2. Where do you get your energy?

  3. If you could do over one or two things, what would they be?

  4. What made you excited to get up and come to work in your last job?

  5. If I gave you 50k to start your own business, what would you do?

  6. Where do you see yourself in the future?

  7. If you could do anything else in life other than your current work, what would it be?

  8. What do you know about the company?

  9. What’s your definition of hard work? What does it look like for you?

  10. How do you stand out from other professionals in your field?

  11. What does success mean to you?

  12. Can you describe a time when you were dealing with an incredibly challenging workload? How did you handle it?

  13. Describe your ideal work environment and what you like about it.

  14. What do you need to be present in a culture to be your best self

  15. What’s your process for making sure you stay productive and on top of your tasks?

  16. Tell me about a time when you’ve motivated other employees to overcome workplace challenges.

  17. What is your biggest dream in life?

  18. What goals, including career goals, have you set for the next 5 years? ...

  19. How would you define success in your career?

  20. What roles do your manager and team play in your motivation at work?

  21. At times your workload may feel unmanageable. Describe a time when you recognized that you were unable to meet multiple deadlines. What did you do about it?

  22. Tell us about an idea you started that involved collaboration with your colleagues that improved the business.

  23. When you had extra time available at your last job, describe ways you found to make your job more efficient.

  24. At times you may be asked to do many things at once. Tell me how you would decide what is most important and why.

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