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Chapter 10 Quiz

Chapter 10 Summary of Key Points – Test Your Recall!

Fill in the blanks below to reinforce learning of the information presented in chapter 10. Detecting the four vital components of intelligence, motivation, personality, and learning agility, should come with specialized (a) _______________ and the use of strong _____________. Assessments are used for (b) pre-hire or _____________ purposes. There are several considerations when selecting a tool and include (c)______________, ______________, ______________, and _______________. Leaders want effective data-driven and (d)______________ assessments. Many assessments can be used, with (e)____________ and ____________ being two tremendous variables in the suite of offerings. There is a strong trend toward using the multi-trait and (f)__________-__________ approach. PepsiCo utilizes a custom integrated system designed to enable reliable high (g)_____________ assessment and development through a program called __________. While there is no one perfect assessment the authors’ top three choices include: (h)_______-________, _____________, and ______________. Learning agility is one of the most reliable (i)_______________ of _______________. Korn Ferry has positioned themselves as experts in assessing learning agility offering a set of assessments called: (j)_______________, _____________ and ______________. Learning agility can most accurately be predicted when using a combination of (k)____________to _____________ and ____________ high potentials. There are also instruments to assess problem-solving, critical (l)______________, numerical ________________, reading ________________, and spatial reasoning. Three examples of such instruments include: (m)______________, _____________ and ______________. It is important to use instruments validated by the assessment creator/vendor, but you need to (n) _____________ them for your own company.

Answer Key for Chapter 10 Summary

(a) training, tools

(b) developmental

(c) (Any four) quality, validity, adverse impact, cost, candidate reaction, raters

(d) objective

(e) time, cost

(f) multi-method

(g) potential, LEAD

(h) 360-degree, DiSC, Hogan

(i) predictors, potential

(j) Architect, viaEDGE, LFE

(k) tools, assess, and develop

(l) thinking, reasoning, comprehension

(m)(Any three) 16 PF-Personality Factor Questionnaire, AssessFirst, Athena Quotient, Berke, Birkman, California Psychological Inventory, Clevry, Criteria, Energy Leadership Index Assessment, Enneagram, EQ, eSkill, Gallup’s Strength Finder, Harvard’s Implicit Association Test, Harver, Interview Mocha, Kandio, Kolbe Indexes, KLAFP, Mettl, Neethinling Brain Instrument, Owiwi, PAPI-Personality and Preference Inventory, Passion Profiler, PCI-Personal Characteristics Inventory, Predictive Index, Prevue, Psymetrics, Saville Assessment, TalentSorter, TeamGlide, The Talen Games, ThriveMap, Traitify, True Colours, USC Leadership Style Self-Assessment, Vervoe, Watson-Glaser

(n) validate

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