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Chapter 7 Quiz

Chapter 7 Summary of Key Points – Test Your Recall!

Fill in the blanks below to reinforce learning of the information presented in chapter 7. This chapter is one of the largest in the book because (a)________________ is the trickiest and most significant _______________ to people’s _______________ in the workplace. As we think about potential, it is helpful to use a two-part approach which is leader (b)__________________ and leader _________________. Personality is the set of traits/attributes/characteristics that form the (c)________________ of an ______________. It takes tremendously hard work, ownership, deep (d)____________-___________, self-truth, and grit to change fundamental elements of our _________________. According to the Leadership Blueprint, personality is one of four (e)__________________ of potential. All leader participants in the global quantitative and CEO studies believe (f)__________________ is a determinant of ______________ potential. The Big Five Personality Model is the underpinning of most personality (g)_______________, and in turn, relates ___________________ to leadership. Another reliable model is the Bright Side Scale which emphasizes seven attributes. Other considerations related to personality included (h)________________ and _______________ are major topics for many CEOs. The concept of (i)__________________ can be hidden or unconscious ___________. Many studies show the trend of people, including CEOs, who are hired for (j)__________ and fired for _________. Those with high (k)_______________ are more effective ____________ who are self-confident, pleasant to be around, and _______________. The good news about EI is that it is (l)_______________. Derailers are (m)_______________ personality _____________ that make a person unsuitable for leadership. Many (n)___________ side traits, as referred to by Hogan and Hogan, are attributes that often catch the attention of people and get them _______________. The most frequent way people assess (o)__________________ is through _______________. The second most popular method is through (p)_______________.

Answer Key for Chapter 7 Summary

(a) personality, challenge, success

(b) effectiveness, emergence

(c) identity, individual

(d) self-reflection, behavior

(e) predictors

(f) personality, leadership

(g) assessments, personality

(h) diversity, chemistry

(i) chemistry, bias

(j) IQ, EQ

(k) EI, leaders, productive

(l) developable

(m) unacceptable, traits

(n) dark, promoted

(o) personality, observation

(p) assessment

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