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Chapter 7 Quiz: What Do We Mean By Personality?

Test your recall from chapter 7 of Determining Leadership Potential. Click on the arrows to reveal the correct answer.

This chapter is one of the largest in the book because ________________ is the trickiest and most significant _______________ to people’s _______________ in the workplace.

As we think about potential, it is helpful to use a two-part approach which is leader __________________ and leader _________________.

Personality is the set of traits/attributes/characteristics that form the ________________ of an ______________.

It takes tremendously hard work, ownership, deep ____________-___________, self-truth, and grit to change fundamental elements of our _________________.

According to the Leadership Blueprint, personality is one of four __________________ of potential.

All leader participants in the global quantitative and CEO studies believe __________________ is a determinant of ______________ potential.

The Big Five Personality Model is the underpinning of most personality _______________, and in turn, relates ___________________ to leadership.

Another reliable model is the Bright Side Scale which emphasizes seven attributes. Other considerations related to personality included ________________ and _______________ are major topics for many CEOs.

The concept of __________________ can be hidden or unconscious ___________.

Many studies show the trend of people, including CEOs, who are hired for __________ and fired for _________.

Those with high _______________ are more effective ____________ who are self-confident, pleasant to be around, and _______________.

The good news about EI is that it is _______________.

Derailers are _______________ personality _____________ that make a person unsuitable for leadership.

Many ___________ side traits, as referred to by Hogan and Hogan, are attributes that often catch the attention of people and get them _______________.

The most frequent way people assess __________________ is through _______________.

The second most popular method is through _______________.


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