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Chapter 6 Quiz: What Do We Mean By Intelligence?

Test your recall from chapter 6 of Determining Leadership Potential. Click on the arrows to reveal the correct answer.

It is important to use _______________ as a criterion because things only become more complex as you ascend in leadership roles.

Context does matter to some degree. Still, when you get into more _____________ roles, regardless of what the company does, you need to lean on ________________ heavily as a component of assessing _______________.

The positioning of intelligence in the Leadership Blueprint is that intelligence is a ___________________.

With the agreement that intelligence is an important ________________ of potential, we need to become proficient at _________________ people with strong intellectual capabilities, and that starts with clarity on what we should be searching for.

There is an array of elements we can look at to help assess someone’s intellectual strength. Some examples are how they interpreted and absorbed information, their ________________ skills, capacity to ______________ situations and make ________________, their ability to connect the dots, control their ______________, and their ability to _______________ complex topics in simple terms.

Even though it is not an actual form of ________________ intelligence, people associate _____________ intelligence with intellectual capability, so we included it on the list of offerings for both personality and intelligence.

A few powerful elements that came out of both studies were the idea of _______________ intelligence, learning _____________, and _______________.

Most CEOs indicated they assessed intelligence of others through direct _______________ or how they _______________ with others.

Some CEOs expressed concern about potential leaders being too _________________.

Additionally, several CEOs wanted to distinguish book smart from street smart and placed emphasis on _______________ smart.

Intelligence is clearly a __________________of ________________ potential, and we should be clear as to what we are looking for and become strong in assessing it.

When assessing intelligence of potential leaders, focus on their __________/___________, ______________, and ____________ thinking skills.


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