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Powerful Insights to Winning at the Talent Game

About Determining Leadership Potential

It’s time to get rigorous about talent.

 We need to be better…and with the insights in this book, we can do better.  This book aims to close the gap and enable people to understand vital criteria necessary to determine leadership potential.  Insights from thought leader research, our own research, including a study with 50+ CEOs, are peppered throughout the book. Applying these insights and strategies from Determining Leadership Potential enables decision makers to be game changers for our business!

Who benefits from this book? 

High-Potential Individual Contributors

This book provides insight for individuals who wish to understand what leaders should be looking for as they assess the leadership potential in others.

Managers and Leaders

This book is a powerful tool for those who carry the responsibility for assessing and selecting leaders.

HR Professionals

This book is a great resource for HR professionals who wish to understand the drivers that result in increased success in determining leaders for the future.

CEOs and Board of Directors

This book is applicable for the most senior leaders in an organization looking to drive the right decision-making on talent in organizations.

Praise for Determining Leadership Potential

The book we have needed for decades!  For the past 37 years I have worked with organizations around the world on leadership and I am so excited by the research and recommendations in this book.  Companies, associations, and communities NEED better leaders and this book provides both the reason and the blueprint.  Kim has distilled the concept of leadership into a tangible set of attributes that empower organizations to be intentional in their organizational development.  If we are to chart a path forward that delivers on our collective promise, it will be through the methodology identified and articulated by Kim Janson.

- Dave Mitchell President, the Leadership Difference, Inc. Author of The Power of Understanding People

About The Authors

kim office doors rainbow wrap fav.jpg

Dr. Kimberly Janson, Ph.D

President and CEO of Janson Associates, a firm dedicated to “unleashing people’s potential globally.”

Melody Full headshot.jpg

Dr. Melody Rawlings, EdD, MST.

Northcentral University’s Director of the Center for the Advancement of Virtual Organizations (CAVO).

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