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Chapter 3 Quiz: The Leadership Blueprint Explained

Test your recall from chapter 3 of Determining Leadership Potential. Click on the arrows to reveal the correct answer.

A big part of the ineffectiveness in determining leadership potential stems from the fact there is not a single source of _______________ as it relates to how to think about this work.

The Big 5 Model showcases five broad _____________ traits that are found consistently regardless of ________________, ______________, and ______________.

Research has shown that the personality traits in the Big Five are consistent with leadership effectiveness. The genius of the Leadership Blueprint (LB) is that it is applies at all levels in organizations, consequently eliminating that dreaded _______________ and ensuring a _________________lens.

The intent behind the model is to create a set of _______________ for potential.

The Foundational dimension of the LB has at its core, a focus on _______________ and ______________ as determinants of leadership potential.

The two components of the Growth dimension are ____________ ____________ and ________________.

This dimension is an equally important threshold as the Foundation Dimension. The focus of the Career dimension is ____________ ____________ and ______________ _______________.

This dimension is the most widely targeted component of the LB with many talent management practitioners putting much time and attention towards this dimension. Potential is a multifaceted entity and is addressed best when using a reliable set of __________________ to help measure all aspects of potential.

The LB does not specifically focus on how many ______________ a person will ultimately be able to jump, speed of ___________________, or _________________.

PepsiCo uses the ______________ ______________ as the foundation to their whole talent management process and is the backbone to their various leadership development program.

Working with someone who brings brightness, energy, enthusiasm, and possesses _______________ to their work can be worth their weight in gold.


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